Error before updating scaffolding from new

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With this configured, when you start your application the actions and views will be autogenerated at runtime.

The workers are threads in multithreading mode and processes in multiprocessing mode.

Scaffolding is the automated creation of a skeleton structure to simplify bootstrapping (of new modules, in the case of Odoo).

Update: (6/9/15) We’ve pushed the build to Steam stable branch, so if you are playing on Steam and are experiencing crashes, please opt into the crash reporter and crash the game to send us logs.

The game works on all the systems we have in the office, so your data is vital to helping us figure out why it’s still crashing for you.

Yeoman is a generic scaffolding system allowing the creation of any kind of app.

If your version of Stonehearth is crashing to desktop, please follow the instructions here to get onto Steam Latest and send us your data.You can then receive our daily newsletter AND add your point of view to stories that you read here.And do share with your family and friends - so they don’t miss out!This update won’t fix your crashes, but hopefully it will get us to the solution soon.Here are some other things we’ve fixed: Better Error Window The error window is much improved and can now be closed permanently via the Close Permanently button.

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This will show in situations where the installed add-on was built after the expiry date of your maintenance support. You either need to get a more current license or un-install the add-on and install an earlier version that is within your maintenance window.

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