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Marrying Palmer Cortlandt after a brief courtship, but her infidelity impacts the marriage.Revealed as the drug lord Proteus, she seems to have multiple personalities.Au cinéma, elle est révélée au grand public en 2008 avec la comédie musicale Mamma Mia ! Elle confirme en 2012 dans un autre film musical, Les Misérables, de Tom Hooper.Entre ces deux succès, elle tient les premiers rôles féminins des blockbusters Le Chaperon rouge et Time Out (2011).In the film (in theaters Friday), Seyfried plays Sophie, a fact checker for the New Yorker who travels to Verona, Italy (aka the city where Romeo met Juliet), with her fiance, played by Gael Garcia Bernal.But when he ignores her completely, Sophie is left to wander the city on her own, where she soon discovers a wall in which people write letters to Juliet asking for her advice about love. And what was Nero's reaction to meeting his wife on the set of 'Camelot' in 1966?à Allentown, en Pennsylvanie) est une actrice, mannequin et chanteuse américaine.

As David Cox pointed out quite rightly on this very blog, Letters to Juliet, while sweetly enjoyable enough, is corny as Kansas, and hopelessly predictable.Adolescente, elle suit des cours de théâtre et de chant, avec un coach qui travaille à Broadway.Sa carrière d'actrice débute réellement avec le feuilleton télévisé, Haine et Passion, mais la scène où elle est apparue est finalement supprimée de l'épisode.But the sight of that "iconic photo" brought to mind the first scene of the film, in which we learn that our heroine, Sophie, is a diligent fact-checker for the New Yorker, trawling the phone book in her lunch hour to track down the sailor in the background (the one not kissing the nurse).The conceit in turn is probably based on the celebrated court case in which the French photographer Robert Doisneau was forced to admit that his picture Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville was staged.

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To her surprise, Sophie finds a letter dating back to 1957, which leads her on a quest to reunite its author (Vanessa Redgrave) with her long-lost love. Check out our exclusive video interviews after the jump.

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